Monday, October 7, 2013

How to Download Full/High Resolution Photos from or Picasa (Google)

Flickr is a prominent photo website on the Internet. It mainly attracts professionals and photo-enthusiasts to upload, share and display their work and hence you will be able to see eye-popping photos there. Flickr is not known or promoted as such, until recently, as a photo sharing website where you can share photos with friends or family members and also let them download high resolution copies. On many websites like Facebook or on Instagram, you can share photos with your friends but there is no way for them to download high resolution copies on their computers.

Though Flickr allows users to download photos, it is not obvious for many of us how to download a friend's photo. To help you, I have put this simple step by step guide which can teach you in less than 30 seconds all you need to know. Now to help your friends download your photos, you can email the link to this web page or email them this short link . After they click on this link, they will also be able to learn with step by step instructions how to download any photo on Flickr.
Please note that if the photo owner has disabled the download feature, you will not be able to download it.

Step 1: Open the photo that you want to download on Flickr and click on the 3 dots at the right side bottom of the image as shown in screenshot below:
Step 2: After you click on these 3 dots, a pop-up menu will open up. Click on View All Sizes as shown below:

Step 3: Select the image size. If not sure, click on the biggest size or Original size as shown below:

Step 4: Click on the Download link as shown below and your browser will prompt you to select the directory where you want to save this photo.

You are done downloading your image. If you want to download any more photos, repeat this process.

So next time you need to share photos with your friends or family members and you want them to be able to download full resolution photos, use

How to Download Photos from
You can download pictures and entire albums from Picasa Web Albums onto your computer.

Download a photo:

  1. While viewing the photo you'd like to download, click Actions > Download photo.
  2. If necessary, select Save File in the window that appears.

Download an album:

  1. While viewing the album you'd like to download, click Actions > Download to Picasa.
  2. In the window that appears, click the Download button.
Albums downloaded from your own account will appear in the 'Web Albums' collection, while albums downloaded from friends and family will be visible in the 'Downloaded Albums' collection.

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