Friday, April 3, 2015

Cell Phone camera vs DSLR camera in landscape/ day light photography

When it comes to landscape photography in good day light, it really does not matter what kind of camera you have. With abundant light, there is no need for a fast lens or a big sensor. Also, in landscape photography, you want to keep most of things in nature. Smaller sensors and tiny lenses are naturally capable of keeping everything in focus.
I was at Mary Lake in Mammoth Lakes area. I have a Pentax K-30 dSLR, Panasonic FZ100 24x zoom and Samsung Note 4 mobile phone camera. Here are some photos. As you can see, they all took good/comparable photos.

Here are two more photos of taken around same place same time:
Here is a photo with a cell phone:

Here is a similar photo with a camera/DSLR: