Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Focusing on smartphones!

When you are taking photos with a smartphone or a camera, it is important to focus properly. Luckily, these days, focus is built into most cameras, if not all, and it is very easy to use. On most cameras, you press the shutter release button half way to tell the camera to focus.If you are using a smartphone camera to focus, just touch the area of the photo on the screen to tell most cameras where to focus. 
Proper focusing can make your photo look great. 
Here are two photos that I took with a Samsung Note 4 camera. I wanted to focus on the flowers closer to my phone camera.

I didn't like blurry flowers in the center of my capture. Also, I wanted to highlight these flowers in the center and have the tree in the background- a bit blurred.
Here is a photo I took by tapping on the flowers.

As I keep telling on this blog, most smartphone cameras or real cameras are smart but often times they act dumb ;) If you don't like the photo that is taken by the camera, help your phone or camera a bit. Tell it what you are looking for and it will give you a better photos. Photography is so simple these days with Trial and Error way!! Take a photo, if it does not come out well, tell your camera by pressing a button or two and you will be able to take a much better photo.