Wednesday, September 24, 2014

SLR vs Compact (Fixed Lens) cameras

SLR Cameras:

·         Normally better image quality which stands out indoor or in low light compared to small compact cameras
·         Provides to ability to control Depth of Field (or selective focusing) to keep certain things in focus everything else out of focus. The kit lens are limited in this capability but you can achieve greater control with fast or wide aperture lenses.
·         You can change lenses and use many accessories like external flash, remote control, filters, extension tubes, macro tubes etc.
·         Better build, better life.
·         Normally they offer lot of manual controls
·         Bulky and difficult to carry around
·         Normally expensive. Accessories like lenses etc can also cost significant money.
·         In good light or in outdoor use, there is not much advantage unless filters are used.
Compact Cameras:

·         They are cheaper.
·         Easy to carry around. Compact in size.
·         You can get tremendous zoom up to 60x in some of the cameras. This comes vary handy in outdoor photos and in travel. It is difficult to get this kind of zoom in SLR cameras.
·         In outdoor, good light, they are as good as any camera. They work great in landscape cameras or in situations where you want most things in the scene in focus.
·         Compact cameras offer macro shots. In macro mode, camera can focus on things very close to camera. To get similar ability in an expensive SLR, you will need a dedicated Macro lens. By nature, compact cameras offer great macro photography.
·         Many models do not offer enough manual controls
·         They struggle in low light or in indoor photography
·         Don’t have options to use many accessories like different lenses, filters, external flash etc.

·         It is difficult to achieve bokeh or background blur with small sensors and tiny lenses.

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